would med schools approve - community college

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would med schools approve - community college

Postby Chri2st1ian » Sat Aug 18, 2012 6:11 am

i'm going to be a senior high school; im not sure what to do since my grades the first two years of high school were mostly C and not till last year (junior year) were i did good i got a A's and B's if i do go to a CC instead of a 4 year striaght out of high school would my chance of getting into a med school be bad after transfering to a 4 year from CC and doing good at both and meeting all the requirements that i need to get into med school. Also, do med schools frown apon a applicant for going to a CC instead of a 4 year and if so why.
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Re: would med schools approve - community college

Postby DrDave » Mon Aug 20, 2012 5:02 am

It's fine to go to community college and still be a candidate for medical school. You'll want to take your pre-med courses at the 4 year college, though, as most medical schools do not consider the community college level science courses as being rigorous enough.

I changed the title of this post slightly so that there will be better matches of related topics listed below as I know there have been many discussions in the past about community colleges. If they aren't showing up properly, then do a search in the top right for community college and you'll get plenty of additional information.
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