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Medical Education in Philippines for Indian students

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Transworld educare is the pioneer to introduce PHILIPPINES as the ideal choice for Indian students to study mbbs in philippines. Transworld Educare is the Principal Education Associate of Davao Medical School in India. More than 550 Indian students facilitated by Transworld are already graduates and practicing doctors in various leading hospitals in India and abroad.

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I hate when people post on public forums purely to promote their own product. I did remove the link in the above post but I left the post anyway, because perhaps there can be a worthwhile discussion on this topic. Is it really a good idea for Indian students to go to the Philippines to study medicine?

I know very little about this topic, but there appears to be reliable general information for Indian students considering attending medial school in the Philippines found on the Indian embassy in Manila website.

I can't find any objective reviews on Transworld educare. It appears to me that they are a recruitment company working with Davao Medical School Foundation (DMSF), which is a medical school in the Philippines.

There is another similar recruiting organization called Fence Education Academy, but they recruit for The University of Perpetual Help System DALTA (UPHSD).

Digging a bit deeper in this topic, it appears there are a ton of students in India who want to become doctors but getting that education in India is not easily available. It seems that those kids who get really great grades can get into medical school in India based on their grades. There are a handful of other positions that are more easily available to minority applicants, also apparently referred to as URM (under represented minorities). Students from wealthy families are able to "buy seats", which must mean pay for an expensive private education, willing to take lower caliber students. That leaves the middle class students to have to go abroad to study.

Aside from the Philippines, it seems students also look to go to China or the Ukraine for medical educations. Some people feel the programs in China are superior to the Philippines. Schools in China that offer courses in English include Fudan University and Capital Medical University. It also looks like there are programs at Dalian Medical University and Harbin Medical University that offer an MBBS degree and they are all programs that are taught in English.

Most of the students in these programs likely plan to return to India after completing the program. I'm not sure what the success rates are for students who enter these programs.

If anyone wants to share some information that isn't propaganda for a specific recruiter or school, please share for others that may be interested.