Why am I having pvcs, palpitations, and skipped heart beats

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Why am I having pvcs, palpitations, and skipped heart beats

Postby Jack2 » Mon Jan 15, 2018 3:37 am

The title basically says it all. Briefly, I'm a 48 year old guy with a history of rare skipped heart bests. My doctor said it seemed like I was having pvcs and they weren't anything to worry about. It used it be like once a month or so.

About 1 week ago I started noticing skipped heart beats a few times every minute. Sometimes it can be hours between me noticing any, but then I have times where they are 5 times in a minute.

When they happen, I feel a flutter in my chest and if I'm checking my pulse at the time, there is a slight pause and then I feel the next heart beat.

I'm going to call my doctor on Monday to ask about it. I don't have any chest pain, fainting, light headedness, etc. It is just the flutter in my chest. Sometimes it is a little stronger, like a soft hit to the chest. Otherwise, it is just a flutter.

Does anyone know why I'd start getting these so often? I did run out of my Vitamin D supplement I take before this started, but I'm guessing that is coincidence.

Re: Why am I having pvcs, palpitations, and skipped heart be

Postby Jack2 » Mon Jan 15, 2018 3:38 am

After about a week, they became a lot less frequent. My doctor didn't seem too concerned but asked if I want to try an event monitor to try to catch one. I said sure.

He ordered me something called the Zio wireless patch, for seven days. I had to go to a cardiologist office and a tech applied the patch after shaving the area over my heart, cleaning the area and then using this special rough pad over the skin to make sure the patch would stick well to the area. The patch was pretty small, maybe 4-5 inches wide by 2 inches tall, with a raised button in the middle. It was flat enough that it was barely noticeable under my shirt. No one commented on it. Basically whenever I felt a skipped best or anything else odd, I pushed the button and wrote down the date and time in a book and explained what I felt in this special diary book.

While it was ordered for 7 days, the device works for up to 14 days. Just my luck, I only had one mild pvc during the 7 day period. I called the company and they said I could wear it for up to 14 days before mailing it in (they give you a special box to mail it in for analysis when done), for no extra cost, and they will analyze all of the data. I waited another 3 days and I had a few more skipped bests. Once I had a few that I was sure were similar to my symptoms, I mailed it in as per the instructions.

A week or so later, my doctor called and said that the skipped bests were in fact pvcs. He said if they aren't too frequent, I don't need to do anything. He said if I want, he could start a beta blocker to try to reduce their frequency and severity. He said it wasn't anything dangerous though. It just feels very uncomfortable, and scary when it happens at times.

So since I made the last post, the palpitations went away almost completely for a few weeks, then came back for a few days, then went away again. I do have occasional times where I may get a few palpitations over a 15 minute period. Sometimes they are stronger and sometimes really mild.

It seems like there isn't a good idea of what causes them to be more frequent at different times. I already avoid caffeine drinks, but have occasional chocolate.

Anyone else have any success dealing with pvc palpitations?

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