High School Student Bad at Math - Interested in Med School

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High School Student Bad at Math - Interested in Med School

Postby Jenn05 » Tue Jun 26, 2012 5:15 am

I'm going to be a senior this september. I've been wanting to be a clinical psychologist for a while now. However, I am beginning to be interested in more severe cases, medicine, and higher pay. I'm really interested in science which I think will help for med school. There's one huge problem though. MATH. I hate any kind of math and I am terrible at it. (Except I was pretty descent in geometry which I believe does not help at all) I know you can say if you put your mind to it you will achieve it. But I really cannot afford to be in the middle of med school and waste my time from the difficulty of it. Does anyone know thoroughly what med school consists of, as far as academics? Particularly in the mathematics portion? Please Help

Re: High School Student Bad at Math - Interested in Med Scho

Postby DrDave » Fri Jun 29, 2012 5:47 am


When it comes to medical school, you don't need to be excellent in math. In fact most medical schools don't even have a college math requirement in order to get accepted into medical school. A few medical schools do have a math requirement, so you can always look-up the medical school requirements for a school you have a particular interest in and see. There are no required math classes in most medical school curriculums, but you will cover some basic statistics. Basic statistics are important to understand for many areas of medicine, both research and practical applications.

If you do well in chemistry, biology, and physics, then you will most likely be fine even with weak math skills.
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