I am a High School Senior interested in Ob/Gyn

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I am a High School Senior interested in Ob/Gyn

Postby jessicam » Mon Aug 23, 2010 10:12 pm

I just started my senior year in high school, I am at the point were I need to know what steps I need to take in order to become an Ob/Gyn. I want to know what must I do right away I get out of high school in order to start on my way to becoming an OB/GYN. I had gone to Keiser University and they had offered me to take an Associates in surgical technology in 20 months and after to take my bachelor in health science. If I were to do this would these credits be accepted when applying to a med school or would I still have to do my requirements in a regular college first?
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Re: I am a High School Senior interested in Ob/Gyn

Postby DrDave » Wed Aug 25, 2010 3:51 am

It looks like the Bachelors degree at Keiser University would not meet the pre-med requirements for medical school. You would still need to take the required pre-med courses at a 4 year college.

The vast majority of people who attend medical school start at a 4 year college and take their required pre-med courses while in college. This is the route I would suggest for you. You can major in any field you like, but you'd need to take the required courses:

1 year general chemistry with lab
1 year organic chemistry with lab
1 year physics with lab
1 year biology with lab

Around your 3rd year of college you would take the MCAT exam, which is going to test you on the material in the pre-med courses, as well as english skills (reading comprehension and writing).

You would apply to medical school, which is extremely competitive. If accepted, you would attend medical school for 4 years. During your 4th year of medical school, you would apply for a residency program in ob-gyn. The ob-gyn residency programs are 4 years to complete after medical school. During residency, you would be paid, but not near what you would earn once you complete residency.

So - from high school you should expect:

4 years college
4 years medical school
4 years residency

There is a much more detailed article on the topic of becoming an ob-gyn doctor here.
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