Pre-med classes at community college? Re: Money vs Quality

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Pre-med classes at community college? Re: Money vs Quality

Postby Guest » Fri Sep 05, 2003 8:29 pm

My husband is completing his BA in Christian Counseling at a bible college in about three more months. He is very interested in military psychiatry. However, to be accepted ito medical school, he would have to take several other classes than he has already taken. We have a four month old daughter and little money. I know that medical school is very competitive and I'm afraid that if he takes the classes he needs at a community college instead of a university it will hurt his acceptance chances. Do I have reason to worry?

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Re: Money vs. Quality

Postby DrDave » Sun Sep 07, 2003 5:40 pm

I have heard this type of question a few times in the past, in different contexts. There are two fairly important factors for getting into almost all medical schools - a good GPA and good MCAT scores. I know that University of Illinois only looks at those factors and nothing else (at least how it was when I applied around 10 years ago). It didn't matter where you went to college, as long as you had the required classes.

Most medical schools will also factor in where you went to college. I would think almost all med schools will want to know why the classes were taken after completing college (what changed your husband's mind to decide on medical school near the end of college) and why he took the classes at a community college. The classes will definitely be less challenging at a community college than almost all 4 year colleges, which are generally less challenging than classes at an IVY league college. If you husband has a great GPA, does great on required classes at the community college, does great on the MCAT, and has a good explanation of why he has chosen the path he has, then he probably can still get accepted into medical school.

Some important questions for your husband are:

When he did he decide he wanted to go to medical school, and why? If he had been considering it earlier, why didn't he take the required classes then?

If he has good answers and he has done great in his classes, I would think many schools will not hold it against him.
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