BC/BE Perks

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BC/BE Perks

Postby Corpsman-Up » Fri Nov 19, 2004 4:35 pm

How does being BC/BE in two specialties (IM and Psych or FM and Psych) affect the doc's bottom line? Does being certified in both specialties often equate to a bigger paycheck, even if you are mainly only practicing in one specialty?

Also, how much leverage does this additional certification provide when applying for jobs after residency?

Thanks in advance for any insights. 8-)
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Re: BC/BE Perks

Postby DrDave » Sun Nov 21, 2004 9:49 am

Overall, it is unlikely that it will significantly affect your salary. You can't really bill one patient for both services, so you either bill for one or the other. As a result, you arne't making any more money than a consultant who performed the same service.

As for applying for jobs, though, it does give you some more leverage. Aside from being a uniqueness factor, often it shows extra motivation which counts for something as well. In areas like Consultation psychiatry it is an asset (although in the future you'll still have to do a fellowship to be able to sit for the psychosomatic medicine boards).

I think, though, if you come from a strong psychiatry residency (not dual trained) you have leverage when applying for jobs.

I wouldn't do the dual training route just because of the money - you won't find much difference.
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