Medical schools and science grades

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Medical schools and science grades

Postby Guest » Fri May 28, 2004 10:11 pm

Hi, i'm a currently a senior in college, and i am considering med school. I will have a BA in biology and also a pre-med. However, my pre-med grades are filled with c's and b's. Will this be a problem in applying to med school. I'm not looking for harvard or anything like that, i would go to any med school, but will my grades get in the way??? If they do, how are med school abroad??? Will i have a higher chance in getting into med schools there??? And do med schools based their choice more on school grades or MCAT? Please help me. I really want to go to med school. What is the best thing for me to do? :-?

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Re: Medical schools and science grades

Postby DrDave » Sat May 29, 2004 1:07 pm

B's and C's in science classes will make getting accepted to medical school difficult. My sense is that a science GPA of below 3.2 is going to make getting into medical school very difficult. Medical schools base their decisions on a combination of factors, the two most important seem to be grades and MCAT scores - both are important.

If you are really set on being a doctor, there are a few things to consider. First, why did you do poorly in your pre-med classes? Is it because you were not fully dedicated when you took the classes, or is it because the classes were too hard for you? If the classes were too hard, then I would suggest you consider another field besides medicine - the classes will be much harder in medical school. If you were not fully dedicated, you can consider retaking the classes with the goal of getting A's and B's - and then be prepared in either your personal statement and interviews to explain why you had to take your science classes over. Even then, I don't know how much better your chances will be to get accepted to medical school.

Another thing to consider is applying to DO schools - osteopathic schools. They generally are less competitive than MD schools and you can practice medicine the same as any MD. You can still do your residency in any field (although you'll be at a disadvantage to MD applicants from what I understand).

I really don't know too much about the medical schools abroad. If anyone has other information on that topic, I'd greatly appreciate the input. I would guess they are easier to get accepted to, but it will be more difficult to get into a residency program of your choice after medical school. I have no idea what the minimum requirements would be to get accepted there.
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Re: Medical schools and science grades

Postby Corpsman-Up » Tue Jun 08, 2004 3:28 am

First and foremost, as Doc Admin points out, get an honest gauge on your motivation and ability regarding a medical career. If, at that point, you are still gung-ho, then do not stop until they tell you to go away and never come back!

Also, I am at one of the osteopathic medical schools Doc Admin referred to, and I am delighted with my choice. Many of the people in my class had their choice of several MD and DO schools, and chose to come here. With the admissions cycle, DO schools really focus in on the whole applicant, and you MIGHT be able to get away with a lower GPA or (NOT AND) MCAT if you have other facets to your application which make you attractive.

At a DO school you will learn everything your MD colleagues learn, plus neuromuscular medicine and manipulation (somewhat similar in concept to physical therapy, etc.). Indeed, as a DO, you can go into any facet of medicine that inspires you, and in some circles, you are actually at an advantage as a DO (with the additional emphasis on physical medicine).

For example, this year's incoming class at Harvard's Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation Residency has 6 slots. Five of those incoming resident physicians are DOs.

However, I am interested in an IM/PSY or FM/PSY combined residency, and others are going into Surgical specialties or Emergency Med. Whatever you want to do, medically, you can get there from here.

(OK, I will put down the DO pom-pons now. :-D )

The main thing is, if you have to take some classes over, or you must take the MCAT a second time, but you really want to be a doc, then don't be afraid to give it your all. Just make sure you REALLY want it, because it is a long haul, and it isn't easy.

Good luck, and keep at it.
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