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Med School

Postby Guest » Wed Sep 01, 2004 5:57 am

I have yet to take my MCATs but my GPA is a 3.35 out of 4. I know this is low for med school, but I have taken big loads of hard classes. I was wondering if, from a Med School perspective, this makes any difference. I still have time to raise my GPA, and was wondering what would be a competitive GPA and MCAT score. Also absolutely any other advice that anybody can give me about things I can do to heighten my appeal to med schools will be appreciated. Thanks.

Re: Med School

Postby DrDave » Wed Sep 01, 2004 1:32 pm

I found this interesting page on average MCAT and GPA's for medical schools and this (old) page with similar information on average GPA and MCAT score <link deleted due to no longer being active November 22, 2012> which may give you a better idea of where you stand. Of course, GPA and MCAT are not the only things looked at. I view MCAT and GPA as a minimum requirement - there is probably some cut off that each medical school has where they will not consider someone for an interview.

Harder classes may be taken into consideration, but I think many applicants to medical school take very hard classes - so it may not work to your advantage much. When I applied, you also had to separate out your science GPA from your non-science GPA on your application. I'm guessing most people will have a slightly lower science GPA because the pre-med classes are usually harder than the non-science classes. If you can improve your overall GPA before you apply, I think you are in okay shape to get accepted to medical school. I typically think of 3.2 as being the lower limit where it will be more of a struggle to get accepted.

I would think that with a GPA of 3.4, you'd probably want to get 10's on yoru MCAT sections to be competitive, but even 9's may not prevent you from getting accepted somewhere.

Other things to improve appeal include volunteer work at a hospital, doing research, having strong recommendations, having some unique experience in life, etc

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Re: Med School

Postby Guest » Fri Sep 03, 2004 11:17 am

It might be advisable to take some supplemental science courses after you graduate in order to boost your science GPA. Although overall GPA is important, medical schools want to see that you can do well in rigorous scientific courses. Also, it's particularly important to do well on the verbal section of the MCAT--you will be doing a lot of reading in medical school, and admissions committees want to see that you can read quickly, effectively and are able to critically apply what you have read.

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