High School student interested in Ob-Gyn and wants a family

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High School student interested in Ob-Gyn and wants a family

Postby PSmith » Thu Mar 31, 2011 10:38 pm

Hello my name is Peyton. I am in high school and greatly considering becoming an OB/GYN physician. I was wondering what to expect in college and medical school. I need encouragement and I was also wondering if I would have problems starting a family in the future with this career.

Re: High School student interested in Ob-Gyn and wants a fam

Postby DrDave » Fri Apr 08, 2011 4:44 am

I would say that most ob/gyn doctors have families, as do most doctors. However, I do have to say that balancing a family and medical school / residency / being a doctor is a challenge. Medical school and residency is very time consuming, however, there are options to take time off or adjust your schedule to account for family.

College and medical school are the same, regardless of what kind of doctor you want to ultimately become. Your 4th year of medical school will have some elective time that will likely be tailored more towards your interests, but aside from that, medical school is the same for all of the students. Residency is where you focus your training on your specialty. Ob/gyn is a 4 year training after medical school. You do get paid a modest amount during residency, but not a significant amount. You work VERY long hours during residency, often having to work through the night. Laws have gotten stricter about limiting the number of hours residents can work, but I am guessing the hours are still very long.

Some residency programs will be more friendly towards people who want to start families. Obviously, this would be a factor you would want to know about when you are looking into where you want to do your residency.

As you are currently a high school student, I would recommend you do the best you can in school, now and through college. When in college, you will want to take the required pre-med coursework and see how things go. If you do well and continue to have an interest in medical school, you would then take the MCAT. If things go well, you'll get into medical school.

Medical school is very busy and challenging. You can get more detailed descriptions of the experience elsewhere. I'm also thinking you can find more detailed information about the experiences of ob/gyn residents elsewhere. If you want help locating that type of information, let me know and I'll try to track some down.
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