First Semester of College

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First Semester of College

Postby ljcsov » Thu Jan 01, 2009 10:58 pm

Hi, i am a freshman who just finished his first semester of college!! So far i am loving it and enjoying the classes and the atmosphere, but i am concerned about my first semester grades.

I received a B in Biology, a C+ in Chem, a C+ in a required freshman seminar, and an A- in Calc I.

Overall my gpa is a 2.82.

I am concerned that i am too far behind the 3.5 gpa at this point and there may be little hope for med school. I am already working in the bio head's lab and have been offered an opportunity to do research over the summer which i am going to take full advantage of. I experimented over the semester with different study techniques and i feel that i have something that works for me now. Hopefully i am able to do better in the next semester!! Thats where i am at!


Re: First Semester of College

Postby DrDave » Thu Jan 01, 2009 10:59 pm

The C+ in chemistry is the biggest problem. It is a minor problem if it was poor study skills that led to the grade - but in most cases, if you got a C+ in the first semester of chemistry, you may have a tough time with the rest of chemistry, including organic chemistry.

I'd say that the grades at this point won't keep you out of medical school. You'll need to do the best you can in your courses next semester. If you get good grades then, you'll be in okay shape. If you get similar grades next semester, it will be much more difficult.
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