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Scholarships? Qualifications?

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Are there any scholarships that you know of that a high school freshman(honor roll, gpa of 4.33/4, in tennis, if that helps) could apply to?
What do you recommend(clubs, volunteering, activities, etc) me to do so I can apply for scholarships and grants?
(I'm sorry if it seems like I'm thinking about this too early, but my parents don't make much in a year, and I have two siblings who are attending/will soon be attending college and I don't want to be a heavier burden.)
Thank you for taking the time to read and respond! 😀

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With very good grades and SAT/ACT scores, you will likely be able to get at least a partial scholarship at many different private schools. Many of the schools offer academic scholarships and you may also qualify for need based scholarships. Going this route may mean going to a somewhat less prestigious school, however, going on a scholarship and doing well there can make up for this difference. While there may be private scholarships as well, they tend to be few and far between, and very difficult to get.