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Inpatient Med-Psych unit

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I am looking for information surrounding inpatient medical psychiatric units and I would like to do a site visit. I am a manager over a small Medical Behavioral unit and I would like to compare notes but I am finding it incredible difficult to find a medical psychiatric hospital or inpatient unit on the west coast area but I am willing to travel farther away if need be. If you know of any established units of this type please drop me a line. [email protected]

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I don't have a lot of details as I haven't followed the trend of cmobined medicine-psychiatry units for a LONG time. It looks like UCLA may have a geriatric med-psych unit.

Also, I believe that University of Iowa and University of Southern Illinois still have med-psych units. There are likely many others and perhaps contacting those programs can give you some more places. If you find out anything, please feel free to share the information here for those searching for an updated list.