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Tranquilizing middle aged people...

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Usually a midlle-aged person that fits this type of psychiatric profile,most likely is already on other psych/non psych meds such as mood stablizers,anti-inflamitory meds,etc. A lot of the other meds that a middle-aged person would be on, already have a sedating quality to them. A lot of the time the highs and lows are drug related. But my experience is that, many doctors do not check carefully enough, the whole drugstore that the patient is already taking and how that type of cocktail is playing with their emotions and affect,etc.
The question of when to tranquilize exactly,would be much more effective in results if, in general, the patient was consulted about what he or she feels they need and when and how often.Then the doctor can access the need for meds more successfully and knowingly.
I also believe that medicating or tranquilizing a middle aged man is not the same at all as treating a middle aged woman. Doctors must start consulting and learning from their patients a lot more than the relying so heavily on what the 'book' told them, or the drug reps sell job.
So as to, when to tranquilize,that is unique to each individual. This is a more effective way of 'helping'your patient(s) by listening to them. They are the ones who are living 24/7 with their problems and issues. The patient often knows best what works for them and what doesn't.
Doctors are too paranoid about prescribing the '...pam' drugs. But the benzo....pam drugs, are chemically easier on the feeling in the brain.Sowhen to medicate,sedate, is unique to each patient. Therefor,there is no fixed rule regarding when to administer the meds. 🙄 😀