Canada - High School Classes to Become a Psychiatrist

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Canada - High School Classes to Become a Psychiatrist

Postby kalrey » Thu May 05, 2011 9:05 pm

I'm in grade 10, and looking to become a psychiatirst. I was thinking to attend McGill University, and then maybe go to McMaster. (Canadian Universities). My question is what math course or even science courses should i take in grade 11 to prepare me for university? Im in applied math right now, however im not to sure if you need either mixed or uiversity level for grade. 11. Or 3u? If so i will get a tutor, and summerschool to make it for university math. (My average is a 97 anyways.) Any advice you would have would be great. Thanks so much.
Oh and a course that is being offered is anthropology, psychology, and sociology. Would you recommend me taking ths course?

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