Clinical Skills Assessment for Psychiatry Board Certification

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Clinical Skills Assessment for Psychiatry Board Certification

Post by xshang » Mon Apr 28, 2014 9:40 am

I graduated from psych residency in 2010, and unfortunatly I have failed my oral board exam twice and unable to do it again becuase the old oral board exam is being eliminated. I am required by ABPN to pass 3 clinical skill assessments (live patient interview) from residency program as the current residents in the program to sit for the new board certification exam. The program i graduated from has not made the decision if they get get these done for me or not. I just wondering is there anybody in the same situation as me? are there any programs willing to do this or any commercial ways to get this done? Realy wants to get this done with any cost. Thanks.

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Re: Clinical Skills Assessment for Board Certification

Post by DrDave » Thu Mar 02, 2017 11:43 pm

I'm cleaning up the board and came across this old post at the end of another message. I'm moving it to its own thread in case someone ever has an answer that is relevant for someone. As it is a pretty old post and no one has provided an answer, I think it is unlikely someone will answer it now. Also, I doubt that anyone else is in the same situation. I'll leave the post here for now though. Perhaps the original poster can update any solution he/she found.

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